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In this space, I share my thoughts, my feelings, and how I see the world. You can read if you are interested, you can comment if you are intrigued, and you can agree or disagree with all or parts of what you read.

I do not have the wisdom to comprehend every problem in this world, and I fail to have the love for everything in this world either. But what I am sure that I have, and so can give, is respect for everything and everyone.

I started this blog to write about what the world calls, The Arabs. Their concerns, their ambitions, and their divisions. Of course, the Arab-Isareli conflict is a main issue in this, hence, the first category of my blog which I labeled ‘Arabica’. Under the second category ‘Off-the-Record’ I write when I feel that I am fed-up with what is happening around me. So it is more like my secret room where I go scream. The third category was started upon the arrival of the so called ‘Arab Spring’ to my country; Syria. In this category, I present my view on the uprising in Syria, and I do hope to close this category as soon as possible.

Lately, I decided to add a sub-category to ‘The Uprising’, which I hoped to close months ago, where I will start presenting a different perspective on Syria’s uprising. This persepective belongs to someone close who prefers to remain anonymous for the time being.

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