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‘A Servees Apprecnticeship’

June 26, 2013

A friend tweeted about a post, which I am re-blogging here, that it is “possibly the most heartbreakingly beautiful thing [she has] read on Syria in months”.  Then I read the title, and I was further intrigued to read on as I expected some nice words and genuine sympathy with our case.

As a Damascene who could speak English, I had a lot of foreign friends whom I met in one of their endeavors in Damascus; and shared a lot with them as well. So I was kind of looking forward to some of the same nostalgia I get from those friends when they are speaking to me these days checking on me and on what is still remaining of mine, and their, beloved Damascus. That is all I was expecting…

Honestly, I was not expecting at all the teardrop on my cheek, let alone being further educated on our Syrian crisis and its roots.

I titled this re-blog ‘A Servees Apprenticeship’, as I took the phrase from the original post itself. Indeed, after reading the post, I saw how this apprenticeship enabled Matt MacNaught to understand, and love, Damascus as a real Damascene person. 



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