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After the Economist’s article, it’s now BBC

May 9, 2013

Another gloomy article, by BBC Middle East Bureau chief this time, about Syria. Though I do agree with his analysis and the stalemate reached between the regime and the FSA, which he interestingly calls MWG, and also agree on the motives of both Saudi and Qatar for interfering, I do not agree with two key points.

First, he attributes the inaction on the US and EU parts to “not know(ing) what to do or whom to do it with.” And though I agree the crisis in Syria is the highlight of this century and, possibly, one of the most complex situations in history, I do not necessarily believe the US, in particular, does not know what to do or what is happening exactly. I actually believe their fingerprint is all over the scene and they definitely have hand in the deteriorating situation in Syria. 

Second, Mr. Danahar believes “this crisis is increasingly not about freedom but about religion.” Again, I do agree with the notion that religion is a key negative factor to which you can attribute most of the deterioration in our situation, and that all nations should follow the successful step taken by Europe back in the sixteenth century when religion was separated from governments and its power was kept in churches. However, the Syrian crisis is NOT about religion, and if it was not purely about freedom, it is because too many countries, including the US, have made their best to divert the course of the Syrian uprising, and to, later, maintain the current status quo for this would be the best scenario for them. After all, it would not work out well for them having the Syrian people gaining power over their key country in the Middle East, which is an imminent threat to their best friend in the region, and given the long and recent history of aggression against us; which seems to sit well with the current Syrian regime.

via BBC News – Syria’s protracted conflict shows no sign of abating.


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