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From a letter to a worried friend

January 11, 2012

Dear Friend,

I have to say first that it is nice to talk to you again. It has been ages, and it is always nice to talk to an old friend.

Back to our subject, I want you to know that I understand your fears and concerns, and that I acknowledge the dangers of an Islamist rule as well as the western greed and their devilish plans, and their conspiracies – though it is not exactly as being promoted; but who am I to say that for sure?

Also, in my turn, I need you to acknowledge that should the regime, or the president himself, has done any of the following then we would not be here in the first place:

– Conduct true reforms over the last ten years.
– Punish Atef Najeeb publicly and immediately after what had happened in Dera’a.
– Start finally a true reform now that things got worse for totalitarian regimes during the so called Arab Spring instead of turning a blind eye.
– Addressing the people up to their expectations and not letting them down or, worse, make a fool out of them while they are not.
– Start punishing those responsible for the killing and torturing of peaceful protesters, for back then ALL were peaceful protesters only. And do not blame it on the lack of evidences!!
– Conduct a true national dialogue, not a fake one.
– Stop arresting and abusing our educated friends who do not have any guns in their hands except for their pens and pencils.

And the list can go on and on, but the point is that this regime is responsible for where we are now, not the peaceful protesters who were alone in the streets at the beginning of the uprising, but the brutality, inefficiency, and in most cases the stupidity of the regime have given way to those people with the guns and bombs occupying our streets now, and who are our biggest enemy for the time being.

Even if you do not acknowledge all that, I need you to know that we, who are being blamed for what is happening in our beloved country for merely speaking our minds, will not accept any sort of a foreign intervention and we will even stand in its face before the regime does. Same thing goes for this fake Al-Araour who, I believe, is a set-up just like Ben Laden was. I promise you that I will be the first to kick his a** should he has the nerves to land on our soil.

So please relax my friend, help us if you care, or at least pray for us for we are the good guys here.



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