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Self-selected arbiter in the Arab-Israeli conflict

July 16, 2009

Clinton was pressured for not making an appearance for the last couple of weeks, so she did make one yesterday in a Foreign Policy Speech telling her fellow Americans about her achievements so far. Of course I was mainly concerned with the part of her speech addressing us; the Arab world. Here is the transcript of the related part of her speech:

Now I’m well aware that time alone does not heal all wounds; consider the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. That’s why we wasted no time in starting an intensive effort on day one to realize the rights of Palestinians and Israelis to live in peace and security in two states, which is in America’s interests and the world’s. We’ve been working with the Israelis to deal with the issue of settlements, to ease the living conditions of Palestinians, and create circumstances that can lead to the establishment of a viable Palestinian state. For the last few decades, American administrations have held consistent positions on the settlement issue. And while we expect action from Israel, we recognize that these decisions are politically challenging.

And we know that progress toward peace cannot be the responsibility of the United States – or Israel – alone. Ending the conflict requires action on all sides. The Palestinians have the responsibility to improve and extend the positive actions already taken on security; to act forcefully against incitement; and to refrain from any action that would make meaningful negotiations less likely.

And Arab states have a responsibility to support the Palestinian Authority with words and deeds, to take steps to improve relations with Israel, and to prepare their publics to embrace peace and accept Israel’s place in the region. The Saudi peace proposal, supported by more than twenty nations, was a positive step. But we believe that more is needed. So we are asking those who embrace the proposal to take meaningful steps now. Anwar Sadat and King Hussein crossed important thresholds, and their boldness and vision mobilized peace constituencies in Israel and paved the way for lasting agreements. By providing support to the Palestinians and offering an opening, however modest, to the Israelis, the Arab states could have the same impact. So I say to all sides: Sending messages of peace is not enough. You must also act against the cultures of hate, intolerance and disrespect that perpetuate conflict.

So in the beginning, she thinks that the wounds of the Israelis and the wounds of the Palestinians are just the same during this last incursion on Gaza. And just for the record, these thoughts of hers have just come out after a few Israeli soldiers came out in public to break their silence and tell the world the ugly truth of this incursion and how they were told by their officers to shoot to kill; civilians or militants, among other details that show the true face of this alleged peace seeking government of Israel Then, Mrs Clinton, asks Israel to ‘ease the living conditions of the Palestinians’!!! Wow, this is generous from you Mrs Clinton. But again we should not be so optimistic for she remembered that this is not an easy task for Israel and she understands the challenges facing them.

After that, the Foreign Secretary of the most powerful nation addresses the Arab states with their obligation to embrace and accept Israel in the region. Now, I will try to be as neutral as possible here in projecting this demand from the new administration of the United States which claims to be different than the previous one, and claims to be willing to do things better in helping solve the world’s problems.

It is clear to almost everyone in the world that this region, the Middle East, is a region where all of the Arab countries exist together side by side; in addition to the rest of the Arab world in north Africa. It is also known to almost everyone in the world that before 1948 there was no such a thing like Israel; whether on the Palestinian, Lebanese, or Syrian land. It was the British government who promised the land of the Arabs to some Jews who existed in Europe. Not forgetting that there used to be, and still, a lot of Jews across the Middle East living in peace with their Muslims and Christians brothers. Those Jews who came from Europe with the help of the British founded what is called today Israel; a state that is obvious to, again, almost everyone to be a state of war and terror. Now I understand that there are claims by some Israelis that this land is theirs, before the Arabs were here, thousands of years ago. I am totally open to discuss this claim in more depth, however, this does not give the right to this alleged government to take the land forcefully and kill and deprive a lot of people in the process. Reminding you that I have stated before the fact that this land used to be, and should be, a land for all Jews, Christians, and Muslims since it is a holy land. All believers should have the right to go there, but I cannot see any believers in this government. All I see in it is a bunch of liars who are thirsty to blood and power.

So back to our self-elected arbiter, the United States of America. Obama in his previous speech, too, from Egypt a month ago addressed the Muslim World. He told us that he is a friend and all he wants is to help us solve our problems. This is fine so far, although it would be a bit weird if someone came right up to me saying that he is a friend and he wants to help me solve my problems. I would not hold my hand back and tell him to go away; this is not how we are raised in our culture at least. But it will get even weirder when this person says: but remember that, although I am here to help you, I am still on my friend’s side who is trying to kill you!!! Now that is something else!!! So Obama came all the way to Egypt to tell us that he is a friend, a partner as he put it, but he is also Israel’s partner and he is not giving that up. Okay, but how are you planning to help both of us Mr. Obama? And here is his answer: well, I cannot do anything about what Israel is doing to you. Hell, I cannot even do anything about what Israel is doing to me like what they did with Cynthia McKinney who was on the ship that was delivering humanitarian aids to Gaza, but don’t tell the Americans about it. So probably all I can do is to talk you into accepting things the way they are and, even more, talk you into giving more and more to Israel. How does that sound?

So let me now address you Mr. Obama, Mrs. Clinton, and the rest of your team. If you don’t think you can do something about this, just stay out of it and don’t make things messier. If you can do something about it, but only in a bias manner then be prepared for the bad consequences as the American people will not tolerate a third Bush-like term, where the US is dealing with the rest of the world in a way that makes the American people themselves feel hated, unwanted, and ashamed of their own government. Nevertheless, if you are really honest in your wish to help us solve our problems, especially this conflict with Israel, but you are not figuring out how to do so, then how about this. Deal with the root cause of the problem instead of fighting its symptoms. I am not suggesting dissolving the Israeli government and kicking their people out; though this would make most people in the region happy after all what Israelis have done to them. I am actually suggesting to do this the right mature way, where all leaders of the region are invited to talk about this with an international committee as an arbiter, not a sole self-selected party to do so. There should be a collective effort to solve this problem where any bias cannot be tolerated, and only constructive discussion is allowed. No one should talk about what each party has been doing to the other party for years now, only discussions about the root cause of all what is happening and how can we really solve this problem where the majority is satisfied if an all-win situation cannot be achieved.


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  1. The trick is to find any combination that will make the majority satisfied. Unfortunately, I see no way out. Kind of like Syria at the moment.

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